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My new longterm project: UNWIND

The Frisian Islands in the Wadden Sea are a popular tourist destination in the Netherlands. The islands are the perfect natural escape; a place where endless thoughts make way for endless horizons. Avoid the high season and there are many diverse landscapes to discover.

Islands exert a kind of mystical pull on the human soul. Ironically, there is peace of mind to be found within their physical limits and isolation. In daily life, there are often a million other things we think we could or should be doing. Island life forces us to slow down and surrender to its scale and pace, with a proven calming effect on both body and mind: “Unwind”.

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PLAYGROUND nearly sold out!!

The book of my project PLAYGROUND in which I portray training grounds for the Fire Department, the Police and the Ministry of Defence is nearly sold out. Of the original print run existing of 1000 copies, 900 were sold over the last year! There won't be a second print run so order your copy through while stocks last.

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Playground review by Jörg M. Colberg — Conscientious.

My book PLAYGROUND has received a great review from Conscientious: 'In Hofman’s world, the visual detachment for the most part works through the God-like view, elevated high up [...] The world is turned into an insane diorama - where things are constantly under threats, where small figures somewhat helplessly (or so it seems) go about their futile business of mostly fixing things (the soldiers’ business obviously looks different) — Read the entire review here:

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