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World Cup 2018 Campaign  Jupiler #wearebelgium

The 2018 FIFA World Cup is coming up! Belgian's mega-brewer AB InBev is temporarily rebranding its top-selling beer ‘Jupiler’ as ‘Belgium’ in support of Belgium’s national football team: the ‘Red Devils’. 290 million Jupiler cans and bottles will carry the new brand and design. This change will last until after the World Cup in July.


The fascinating part of this campaign is that even though The Netherlands won't be represented at the World Cup in Russia, the Belgian Jupiler campaign is carried out by a Dutch advertising agency: The Communication Company,
a Dutch art director: Roy Schellekens, and a Dutch photographer: me. So we as Dutchies chose to unite, stand by our Belgian neighbors and brewed up something good for a higher purpose: World Cup football.


The shoot took place at the large indoor training facility of the Red Devils. We as the creative team, were granted two hours where we had to film and photograph the entire football team. With the visuals of the players and a few supporters, we later edited a final composition that turned out to be the key visual for the World Cup 2018. Giving the fact that there wasn’t much time for posing I photographed everyone separately, in order to have enough good input for the different types of advertising outlets.


For me as the photographer, the goal was to photograph the entire Red Devils soccer team with only three minutes available per player. Within this narrow time window, I had to take both close-ups as well as wide (full body) shots. The limited time, while working on a filmset and dealing with the director's tight schedule, required patience and was quite challenging. Luckily for me, this is what I find the most fascinating part. 


With all the enthusiasm, the feeling of unity and skilled players like Axel Witsel, Eden Hazard, Jan Vertonghen and Kevin De Bruyne, there's no doubt we are extremely close to winning. Yes, it says 'we'! Because as for now: #wearebelgium.


The Red Devils are drawn in Group G of the World Cup and will play England, Panama and Tunisia in the first round. Belgium's opening match will be on 18 June in Sochi.

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Cover Volkskrant Magazine

Many pedigree dogs are bred in such a way that they suffer constantly - where do you find one that is healthy?

A skull which is too small which causes a constant headache, a blunt snout and therefore respiratory problems.  So look for a healthy pedigree dog - but where do you find them?
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Melanoma Foundation

Skin cancer is the most common form of cancer nowadays. In ten years time the number of cases of skin cancer in the Netherlands has almost tripled and it's expected that that number will increase dramatically over the coming years. Irresponsible sunbathing increases the risk of skin cancer and melanoma; its most aggressive form.

On the 21st of March, Stichting Melanoom (the Melanoma Foundation) began an awareness campaign "Protect yourself, check yourself" to point out to young people the serious potential health risks of sunburn.

Additionally an ad campaign conceived and produced by photographer Jeroen Hofman and JongeMeesters is being launched. This campaign aims to get rid of the common myths about sun protection and focuses on the importance of frequent application of sunscreen with a high SPF and staying out of the sun.

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Piet Boon for Surface magazine

The prestigious Surface magazine asked me to photograph Piet Boon for their issue 'The Legends'. With an international team headquartered in New York, Surface is the definitive American voice of global contemporary design. Piet Boon in his turn is one of the most renowned Dutch furniture- and interior designers: having started out as a contractor, he now not only designs interior design products, but also houses and even entire neighborhoods. Piet Boon's recent total design concept 'Huys' at 404 Park Avenue South in New York City has gained international recognition. The seventeen story office building was completely transformed into a luxury residential building with Piet Boon responsible for everything from exterior design down to accessories.

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Four elderly men for L'Homo


For L'Homo, an annual Linda Magazine publication, I took portraits of four prominent, elderly, gay men, all highly respected in their individual fields: choreographer Hans Van Manen, fashion designer Frans Molenaar, director and choreographer Frank Sanders and restaurant proprietor Joop Braakhekke share how they're coping with old age and its limitations. All four men show great humor and resilience, and their powerful charisma makes me realize how much they've contributed to the acceptance of homosexuality during a time when this was not yet self-evident.

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Commissioned Work

Apart from my personal photography I work for various magazines and large advertising agencies both at home and abroad. My clients range from large companies like Toyota to small charities. I’m often hired for assignments that are in line with the documentary content and esthetic form by which my personal work are characterized.  I’m most often commissioned to do portraits although ever since my project Playground I’ve been doing more and more interior photography as well as landscapes. It used to be taboo to do any commercial photography in addition to personal work, but I see those boundaries fading. There are plenty of excellent examples of UK photographers who are successful in both fields.

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