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Four elderly men for L'Homo


For L'Homo, an annual Linda Magazine publication, I took portraits of four prominent, elderly, gay men, all highly respected in their individual fields: choreographer Hans Van Manen, fashion designer Frans Molenaar, director and choreographer Frank Sanders and restaurant proprietor Joop Braakhekke share how they're coping with old age and its limitations. All four men show great humor and resilience, and their powerful charisma makes me realize how much they've contributed to the acceptance of homosexuality during a time when this was not yet self-evident.

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Commissioned Work

Apart from my personal photography I work for various magazines and large advertising agencies both at home and abroad. My clients range from large companies like Toyota to small charities. I’m often hired for assignments that are in line with the documentary content and esthetic form by which my personal work are characterized.  I’m most often commissioned to do portraits although ever since my project Playground I’ve been doing more and more interior photography as well as landscapes. It used to be taboo to do any commercial photography in addition to personal work, but I see those boundaries fading. There are plenty of excellent examples of UK photographers who are successful in both fields.

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My new site is online! It's not simply a static portfolio site, but a place where you can really follow my photography work. You do not only get to see the end result and like or save images, but you also get to see the making of (moving) images, my personal stories and selections.



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FORENSICS, the kick off!

With my new project FORENSICS I have set myself the task of mapping the broad spectrum of science and technology that is used for finding out the truth in criminal investigations. The Netherlands lead the way in new forensic methods and techniques allowing for ever more effective and efficient investigating. But what exactly is forensic science? Where and how are specialists trained and how is their knowledge applied at crime scenes? Where does the work of the forensic scientist start and that of law enforcement end? What forensic techniques are at the scientist's disposal? From cold cases, bloodstain pattern analysis and suspect profiling to DNA research and the work of the pathologist: I bring you the full story.

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PLAYGROUND nearly sold out!!

The book of my project PLAYGROUND in which I portray training grounds for the Fire Department, the Police and the Ministry of Defence is nearly sold out. Of the original print run existing of 1000 copies, 900 were sold over the last year! There won't be a second print run so order your copy through while stocks last.

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Playground review by Jörg M. Colberg — Conscientious.

My book PLAYGROUND has received a great review from Conscientious: 'In Hofman’s world, the visual detachment for the most part works through the God-like view, elevated high up [...] The world is turned into an insane diorama - where things are constantly under threats, where small figures somewhat helplessly (or so it seems) go about their futile business of mostly fixing things (the soldiers’ business obviously looks different) — Read the entire review here:

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