A personal note





Jeroen Hofman
1976—The Netherlands

As a person I've always been fascinated by people in exclusive 'clubs' and close communities; groups of people bound together by a common fate, a shared passion or affliction. As a photographer I explore their worlds with my camera. I can never truly become a member of their communities however, so as an outsider I am forced to find my own perspective on their microcosm. A lot of my commercial work is offered to me by people who have seen my personal work and want to incorporate my style or aesthetic fingerprint to their products or projects.

Here's a video by Phase One about me and how I like to work.

Awards & exhibitions

Publications & Monographs

2017 Noorderlicht Photofestival/NUCLEUS, Forensics
2017 Haute Photographie, Rotterdam
2016 ADCN, Theo Maasen, 'vankwaadtoterger'
2016 Solo exhibition, 'Amsterdam Park', Amsterdam City Archives
2015 ADCN, Lamp, Portrait of Lieuwe van Gogh
2014 1st Price - Zilveren Camera - portrait single.
2013 Grant, The Amsterdam Fund for the Arts, Amsterdam City Archives, documentary assignment 2013.
2013 AOP (UK), 'Best in Category' Hans van Manen, L'Homo magazine
2012 AOP (UK), gold
2012 Sony World Photography Awards, shortlist, Landscape
2011 Critical Mass, Photo Lucida, Finalist
2011 PANL, Gold for ‘Playground’ , Members Choice for "Fashion Victims"
2010 3rd “laureat” Photo folio review, Rencontres Arles
2010 Playground, Noorderlicht, group exhibition "Warzone"
2010 1st Price - Zilveren Camera - Documentary National
2010 PANL, Merit
2010 Honorable Mention New York Photofestival - Photographic Book
2010 AOP (UK) Nomination, Playground, serie of 8.
2009 Creative Review Photography Annual, “Best in Book”
2009 Grant - Fonds Anna Cornelis
2009 Grant - Stichting Sem Presser Archief
2009 AOP (UK) Nomination
2009 PANL, Merit
2008 Creative Review Photography Annual “Best in Book”
2008 PANL Members choice
2007 Nomination for ADCN
2004 PANL, Merit (2), Members choice
2002 PANL, Silver
2016 Esquire Russia, Forensics
2015 Vrij Nederland, Amsterdam Park
2015 WIRED magazine publication of Forensics
2014 Vrij Nederland publication of FORENSICS
2013 Zeit Wissen, publication of FORENSICS
2013 Phase One, format freedom, Michael Roscoe
2012 Burn Magazine, Playground,
2012 Esquire Russia, publication of Playground
2012 Stand Quartely, publication of Playground
2012 Claxton Projects, Playground
2012 Conscientious, review of Playground by Joerg Colberg
2012 NRC Next, Book-review by Sterre Sprengers
2012 The Morning News, story on Playground, R. Baldwin,
2012 The Architectural Review "Houses without windows"
2012 Daylight Magazine, Playground, Michael Itkoff
2011 IPL, Indie Readers List, best books of 2011, Larissa Leclair
2011 Volkskrant, Playground, Merel Bem
2011 Volkskrant, "oefendorpen", Playground, Noël van Bemmel
2011 Sunday Telegraph Magazine "Playground", Lucy Davies
2011 PLAYGROUND book launch, 3 November.
2011 CODE Magazine 'Future Warfare" Playground
2011 Unless You Will, Playground, Heidi Romano.
2011 500 Photographers (252), Various, Pieter Wisse
2011 E-photo Review, Playground, Enrico Bossan,
2011 NRC Weekend, Playground, Rosan Hollak
2011 British Journal of Photography, Playground, Simon Bainbridge
2011 Q & A with Simon Bainbridge on Playground
2010 GUP Magazine, Coalminers, The Black Issue
2010 CREATIE, guest editor in chief, 'Been there, done that"